“The Bad News Out of Radiation Onc” in Under the Sun: Summer 2009 downloadable PDF

“Interview with American Poet Diane Kendig” by Kristin Dimitrova at Public Republic

“It is ourselves that we remake: Teaching Creative Writing in Prison” in Colors of a Different Horse: Rethinking Creative Writing Theory and Pedagogy,” National Council of Teachers of English downloadable PDF

“Kristin Dimitrova: Poems and Interview” at First Annual Festival of Women’s Poetry

“Me and Thoreau and the Cuyahoga Valley National Park: My Life in the Woods with the Kids” in About Place (Vol.3, Issue 2)

“Now I Work in That Factory You Live In” in The Minnesota Review (Issue 61-62) downloadable PDF

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“On Homesickness and Heresickness and the Longing for Buckeyes” in From the Heartlands: Photos and Essays from the Midwest. Bottom Dog Press. downloadable PDF

“The Seams That Stood All the Changes: Keeping It Together in Academia” in Those Winter Sundays: Female Academics and Their Working Class Parents, UP of America downloadable PDF

“Speaking of Speaking of Maria Blanchard” at Wordgathering (Vol. 8, Issue 4)

Speaking Even More of Maria Blanchard: A Film Review,” at Wordgathering (Vol. 7, Issue 1)