Kendig cover 300dpi (3).jpgThe Places We Find Ourselves: Poems

By Diane Kendig


Weary?  Lost?  Drowning in the diverted current of what you thought was going to be your life?  "You can make other pathways," Kendig tells us.  These 23 strong and steady poems show us how.  --Ann Harleman, author of Thoreau's Laundry and The Year She Disappeared

Armed with a vast store of classical learning, Diane Kendig explores the inside of the state penitentiary, the flatlands of Ohio and the “tour frigate's toot.”  This is a real poet at work: concrete, allusive, and tethered to the world by the breadth of her experience.---Jay Atkinson, author of City in Amber and Legends of Winter Hill

Diane Kendig takes us on a tour of the places she’s been – some geographic, many not.  Surprisingly, even though we may think we have not visited these same places, through these poems we find that, in truth, we have been there, too. A superb ride with an exceptional writer.---Don Cellini, author of Approximations/Aproximaciones and Inkblots


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