Email: diane@dianekendig.com
Web: http://dianekendig.com


Writer in Residence, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, six-week residency in March-April 2003
Poetry Prize from the Society for the Study of Midwest Literature, 2000
Individual Artist Awards in Poetry from the Ohio Arts Council for $5,000 in 1990 and 1997
Fullbright Award, Lecturer in Translation in Nicaragua at Central American University, 1991-2
Sears Foundation Award in Teaching Excellence and Leadership, 1990
National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute in Literary Translation Fellowship
       University of California Santa Cruz, 1988
Outstanding Educator at The University of Findlay, 1986
Yaddo Artists Colony Fellows Award, 1986

2004-          Instructor in English, Bentley University, Waltham, MA
1984-2004  Assistant Professor of English (tenured 1990), University Of Findlay, Findlay, OH
1978-1984  Lecturer in English, Cleveland State University and Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland, OH
1976-1977  Teaching Assistant, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH
1972-1976  High School Teacher, Spanish and English, Western Reserve and Oberlin H.S.

COURSES TAUGHT (a selective listing)

General Education Writing
    College Writing I and II
    Writing and Literature: Education in America
Creative Writing
    Introduction to Poetry Writing
    Introduction to Story Writing
    Advanced Creative Writing
Literature and English
    Love and Work in the Humanities (First Year Seminar, team-taught, 6-hour class)
    Literary Translation: Practice and Theory (Honors Program Seminar)
    Ohio Writers: Literature Appreciation
    Contemporary American Women Poets (Women's Studies)
Internet Teaching (Classroom and Online)

M.A., 1977     Cleveland State University in English, thesis and oral exam in modern poetry
B.A., 1972      Otterbein College in English and Spanish with state teaching certification



The Places We Find Ourselves
, poetry chapbook, Finishing Line Press, 2009

Diane Kendig: Greatest Hits: Poems.
Johnston, Ohio: Pudding House, 2001.

"And a Pencil to Write Your Name": Poems from the Nicaraguan Poetry Workshop Movement.

        Huron, OH: Bottom Dog, 1986. Translations, with photos by Steve Cagan.

A Tunnel of Flute Song. Poems.
Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland State Poetry Center, 1980.


In journals, anthologies, and public places 1983-2009

"Prison Terms" and "Mushfake,"  J Journal: New Writing on Justice, Spring 2009
      (vol 2:1) 101-2.
"Marie Blanchard's Mother," Kaleidoscope, Winter/Spring 2009 (58): 14.
"For the Percussionists,"  Motif : Writing By Ear (Writings  About Music).  Ed. Marianne Worthington.
      Motif Press, 2009.              
"Wilson Bentley: Janurary 15, 1885" and "Boarding a Plane on Christmas Morning." fieralingue
       winter poem issue:2009  http://www.fieralingue.it/corner.php?pa=printpage&pid=2831
"Spring 1971 Washington," Come Together: Imagine Peace. Ed. Phil Metres, Larry Smith, Ann Smith.
       Huron, OH: Bottom Dog Press 2008.
"Marie Blanchard, 1918," Letters to the World. Ed. Moira Richards et. al., Red Hen Press, 2008 (223).
Three poems in Greenhouse: The First 5 Years of the Rustbelt Roethke Writers' Workshop,
       Ed Judith Kerman and Amee Schmidt, Mayapple Press, 2008: 20-3.     
"Sippo Lake,"  qarrtsiluni: Water Issue, Ed. Dave Bonta and Beth Adams, May-June 2008:
"First Grade Identity Politics," Caesura, Spring 2008: 7.`
Three poems in Umbrella, Winter 2008: http://www.umbrellajournal.com/winter2007/cold/DianeKendig.html
Three poems in Babel Fruit (3:2) Winter 2007/8: http://babelfruit.com/
"The Trees Near Fiesole." From the Other World: Poems in Memory of James Wright. Ed. Bruce
       Henrickson and Robert Johnson. Lost Hills Books,  2007.
"Flatbush: A State of the Caribbean in Flathbush." Broken Land: Poems of Brooklyn. Ed. Julia
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"Butterflies: How and Why," qarrtsiluni: Insect Issue, Ed. Ivy Alvarez and Marly Youmans, Nov-Dec. 2007:
"Once Upon a Time in Iran." Earth's Daughters. 70 (2007): 26.
Two Nesting Poems ("Nesting" and "Winging It") in Poemeleon Summer 2007. http://www.poemeleon.org/diane-kendig2/
"I Write Bitter Love Lyrics to a Tune Called "Frosty Morning' ..." Birmingham Poetry Review (32) 2006
"Ghazals on Lake Erie in Winter." Growth of Potential, permanent art exhibition at the Cleveland
        State University Nance Building in Cleveland, Ohio. Unveiled October 13, 2006.
Two Poems ("Two Judiths at the Dayton Art Institue" and "A Cento on Frida Kalo's "Diego on My
        Mind") in Poemeleon Winter 2006. http://www.poemeleon.org/diane-kendig/.
"Missive." Cardinalis Winter 2006: 77.
"In 2005 We Find This Somonka" (with Tom Barlow). First Person Plural: A Small Collection
        of Collaborative Poetry
. Ed. Robert Miltner and Lisa Vargas. Twin Cranes Press. 2005.
"Scrabble Back Home." Tapestries Fall 2005: 40.
"Mailing a Scultpure." Heartlands Fall 2004: 73.
"Lake Hope in Winter." I Have My Own Song for It: Modern Poems of Ohio. Ed. Elton
        Glaser. Akron, OH: Akron U P, 2003:5.
"Ohio Coyote." Heartlands Fall 2003:14.
"Six in Memory of Cy." Ohio Writer. March-April 2003:5.
"Acute Angle." Poetry Midwest (online) Fall 2001.
"Operation." Calapooya: Prose Poem Edition. October 2001.
"Boarding a Plane Christmas Morning." A Christmas Collection. Ed. Mary Ann Eichelberger.
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"The Fitchburg Bear." Grrr: A Collection of Poems About Bears." Ed. C.B. Follott. Sausalito,
        CA: Arctos Press 2000:161
"Hale-Bopp." MidAmerica XXVII (2000): 10.
"The Geese at the Prison." U.S. 1 Worksheets 42-43 (2000): 53.
"Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri." U.S. 1 Worksheets  40-41 (1999): 7.
"The Other Side of the Story." Ohio Academe April 1999: 2.
"Astronomical Facts." Byline. December 1998.
"Marie Blanchard: 1914." Slant May 1998.
"Fall Faculty Day." Ohio Academe October 1997: 4.
"Christmas 1981" and "Lake Hope." Riverwind Fall 1997.
"Frida Kahlo: Self-Portrait as a Tehuana." Ekphrasis Summer 1997.
Three Poems on Friday Kahlo. Solo Flyer. Summer 1997.
Three Poems ["Paper Whites," "Rural Students," and EFL"] English Journal 86.1 (1997): 74-5.
"Ruckus." Pemmican 5 (1996): 18.
"Atlanta, 1987." This Time, This Place. Cleveland, OH: PLGC, 1996:27.
"Chelsea Hotel." Broken Images. Cleveland, OH: PLGC, 1995: 19.
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"Wedding Tale for Beth and Jim."Sow's Ear 7.2 (1995): 21.
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Two ["Moving into Minimum" and "Lake Erie"] Cincinnati Poetry Review 24 (1993): 27.
"I'm Going to Speak of My Women." [Trans. of Daisy Zamora.] Sing Heavenly Muse 20 (1993): 27.
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"On Dinosaurs and Poetry." Vanitas: English Translations of 28 Poems on Vanitas Sculpture.
Ed. Todd Slaughter. Columbus, OH: Columbus Library. 1992.
"Crossing the Ohio After Seeing Mapplethorpe's 'Perfect Moment.'" Changing Men 24 (1992).
"Marie Laveau at the Prison." Kalliope 13.3 (1991): 64.
“Double Exposure.”  Painted Bride Quarterly 42 (1991): 14.
 "Basha Teaching Balady." Middle Eastern Dancer June 1991 23.
"Butterflies: How and Why." Birmingham Poetry Review. Spring/Summer (1991): 24.
Two ["Elegy for a Marriage" and "To Speake of the Whoa That Is in Marriage"].   
        Contemporary Verse Two  13.4 (1991): 57-8.
"Yoffee." Pikestaff Forum 10 (1990).
Two ["Gananoque" and "Substitution"]. Carleton Arts Review Fall (1990): 9, 23.
"I Witness the Lunar Eclipse of 1982 and Write My Last Moon Poem." 24 Poets and One
Cleveland, OH: PLGC,  1989.
"Progeny." Poets Teaching. Ed. Alberta Turner. NY: Longman, 1983.

In journals 1972-1990 (Complete bibliography available on request)
Over 50 poems published in journals such as English Journal, Kalliope, Laurel Review,
        Louisville Review, Poet Lore, Sing Heavenly Must, Sojourner, Tar River Review, and
        Teaching English in the Two-Year College.


Talk to the Moon, a play by Diane Kendig with music by Jack Taylor. Produced by Findlay
        Youtheatre. Findlay, Ohio, April 1998.


In journals and newsletters  (A Selective Listing):

"The Bad News Out of Radiation Onc." Under the Sun. Summer 2009.
"Now I Work in That Factory You Live In." Minnesota Review 61-2 (2004): 129-34. (Also available online.)
"Sites to Behold: Websites for Ohio Writers." Ohio Writer, Sept.-Oct. 2001: 6-7.
"Inner Resources: Studying Regional Literature." Ohioana Quarterly 40:4(1998) 241-5.
"Our Year in Nicaragua." University of Findlay Alumni Magazine. Winter 1994: 20-3.
"Poetocracia." ("Poetocracy," translated by Daisy Zamora. Nuevo Amanecer 6 Mar 1993: 7-8.
With Paul Beauvais. "Nicaragua Through Our Students' Eyes." Nicaragua Through Our Eyes
7:1 (1992) 8-9.
"Poetry Writing for Writing Teachers." Writing as a Liberating Activity Newsletter 1985: 3-4.
"Professor Moves the Past." Western Reserve Magazine. Nov 1975: 40+.

In anthologies (A Selective Listing):
"On the Company of Cleveland Poets". Cleveland Poetry Scenes. Ed. Nin Bians, Mary Weems,
       and Larry Smith. Huron, OH: Bottom Dog, 2008: 63-71.
"The Seams That Stood All the Changes." Those Winter Sundays: Female Academics and
        Their Working Class Parents.
Ed. Kathleen Welsch. Lanham, MD: UP of America, 2005.
"'It is myself that I remake': Teaching Creative Writing in Prison. Colors of a Different Horse: 
        Teaching Creative Writing.
Ed. Wendy Bishop. Champaign, IL: NCTE, 1993: 158-55.
"Poetocracy: The Poetry Workshop Movement in Nicaragua." World, Self, Poem: Essays on
        Contemporary Poetry.
Ed. Leonard Trawick. Kent, OH: KSU Press, 1990: 59.
"On Homesickness and Heresickness." From the Heartlands. Ed. Larry Smith. Huron, OH:
        Bottom Dog, 1988: 118-22.
"Diane Kendig." The World Is Flippied: Twenty Years of Poetry in the Schools. Ed. Bob Fox.
        Columbus, OH: Ohio Arts Council, 1986, 114-25.
"Diane Kendig." Ariadne's Thread: Contemporary Women's Journals. Ed. Lynn Lifshin. NY:
        Harper and Row, 1982: 192-6.

Reviews (Review of:)
Love by Toni Morrison, Ohioana Quarterly Spring 2004.
Bloodroot, Ed. Joyce Dyer. Ohioana Quarterly Spring 1999.
Hatful of Tigers by Sergio Ramirez. Small Press Review. Oct 1995.
Reading Raymond Carver
by Ralph Runyon. Ohioana Quarterly May 1994.
Working Words by Wendy Bishop and To Make a Poem  by Alberta , College Composition
        and Communication 
44(1993): 270-2.
And We Sold the Rain Ed. Santos and Clamor of Innocence, Ed. Paschke and Volpendesta.
        Small Press Review Oct 1989.
Woman Who Has Sprouted Wings.Ed Mary Crow. Small Press Review. Mar 1989.
A Nation of Poets by Kent Johnson. Mid-America Review Spring 1988.
Breathing Water by Denise Levertov. Small Press Review Oct. 1987.
Poets of Chile. Ed. Stephen White. Small Press Review.  Nov. 1986.

Conference Papers and Presentations
"Using the Class Book, The Cheating Culture," Bentley Expository Writing, Aug 2005.
"Those Winter Sundays." Center for Working Class Studies, Pittsburgh, PA, May 2005.
"Writing, Education, Class: A Panel." Salem State Center for the Arts, Salem, MA, Mar. 2005.  
"Paul Laurence Dunbar: 'To Be Able to Interpret My Own People.'" MMLA. Cleve., OH 2001.
"Providing Inner Resources: Teaching Regional Literature. Society for the Study of Midwest
        Literature, East Lansing, MI, May 2000.
"The Influence of James Wright." Panel at Society for the Study of Midwest Literature, East
        Lansing, MA, May 2000.
"Writing in Prison, Reading It Out" Pedagogy of the Oppressed Conference in Omaha, NB,
        Mar. 1999.
"Peer Response in ESL Writing." Nicaraguan TESOL Conference. Managua, Nicaragua, 1995.
"Exploring College Culture in a Thematic Course." College English Assoc. Columbus, OH, 1994.
"General Education in Nicaragua: The Second Revolution." Assoc. for General and Liberal
        Studies. Columbus, OH, 1992.
"Two Generations of Nicaraguan Poets," Moderator with MacGregor O'Brien, Ben Linder
        house, Nicaragua, 1992.
"Advanced Writing." Seminar for TESOL faculty at Central Am. U, Managua, Nicaragua, 1991
"The Many Uses of Poetry." Panel at College Composition & Communication, Chicago, 1990.
"'Breaking Out with a Pen': Empowering Encarcerated Writers." National Communication Assoc.
        San Francisco, CA, 1989.
"Creative Writing, All That Jazz: Arts in Prison." Ohio Penal Edu.Consortium, Mansfield, 1988.
"Poetocracy: The Poetry Workshop Movement in Nicaragua." Jubilation of Poetry Conference,
        Cleveland State University, Cleveland, Ohio 1986.
"Adapting the Process-Centered Approach for Prison-Writing." College Composition and
        Communication. New Orleans, LA, March 1986.

Readings, Workshops, Lectures and Residencies (Selected 1990-2007)
Visiting Poet to students and speaker to faculty, North Shore Community College, March-April 2007.
"Women Poets of Lynn," National Poetry Month, Lynn Museum, April 19, 2007.
Reading with Wendy Carlisle at Rustbelt Roethke Writers Conference, Saginaw, MI, July 2005.
Workshops for high school and middle school students at Latin American Heritage Camp, Fraser, CO, June 2005.
Poetry reading for National Poetry Month, Swampscott Library, April 2005.
Reading with Alan Feldman at Salem State College, in Salem, MA, March 2005.
Panel on working class students with Alan Feldman and Laurel Johnson Black at Salem State College in Salem, MA March 2005.
"Working drafts," prose reading with three colleagues, Bentley College, Feb. 2004.
"'Emptied into Us to Keep'": Writing Out of Grief, National Federation of State Poetry Soc.,
        Columbus, OH, June 2004.
"Poets in the Park, Writers in the Woods," Cuyahoga Valley National Park, August, 2003.
Poetry reading at Kent State-Stark in Canton, OH, Feb. 2001.
Poetry reading at Salem State in Salem, MA, Oct. 2000.
Visiting Writer (workshops and readings) at Clarion University in Clarion, PA, Oct. 1998/
"Sixteenth Annual James Wright Festival," with Robert Creeley,  Donna Masini, and Joel Lipman,
        Martin's Ferry, OH: April 1996.
Poetry Reading with David Shevin and Michele Najlis. Ben Linder House, Nicaragua, July 1995.
Visiting Poet, readings and workshops, Otterbein College, Feb. 1993.
Visiting Writer University of Toledo Honors College, Feb. 1991.

Poet in the School
Over 50 residencies, K-12, in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Massachusetts
Member of the Ohio Arts Council Artists in Residency since 1980: See my page there

Pen Prison Mentorship program, currently
Poet in the Schools, Chelsea High School, 2003-2005
Director, Writers Workshop, Lima Correctional Institution, 1985-2001
American Assoc. of University Professors, Findlay Chapter Secretary, 1994-6
Translator/Interpretor for Sister City Task Force of Rochester, NY 1992-3
Chair, Poetry Board of College Composition and Communication 1986-91
Ohio Arts Council
       Visiting Artist, Artist in Residency program, 1980- currently     
       On-site Reviewer for Literature, 1997-8
       Interview Panelist for Artists in Residency, 1990, 1995
        Panelist for Literature Grant Funding, 1987-90
        Panelist for Artist in Education Grant Funding,  1987-8
Cleveland State Univeristy Poetry Center manuscript reviewer, 1981-3

Vietnam Veterans Activities at Lima Correctional Institution, 1995-2001.
Writers Harvest Share Our Strength fundraising in Tiffin and Findlay, OH,  1996-98
Black Studies and Library Association, Findlay, OH. 1991-2001
Freedom  Writers of Amnesty International, 1991-present
Rochester Metro-Act activities, 1991-present
Findlay Area Arts Council  Representative, 1986-91 (Grant  writer, 1989-90)


Poets and Writers Listing (since 1980)
Modern Language Association
National Council of Teachers of English
American Association of University Professors
American Literary Translators Association

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